The South West's Agriculture Industry

The South West benefits from its temperate climate and clean, green reputation as agricultural value exceeds $870m.

The region is home to 86% of the state’s dairy herd, 71% of all apples and pears and more than half of other fruit trees.

The South West features several wine regions with 112 Margaret River wine producers standing out as the most economically significant with 2% of the national crush and 9.1% of Australia’s fine wine exports.

A photo showing fresh seasonal vegetable produce displayed. Vegetables include beetroots in the foreground, orange coloured carrots in the middle of the shot and a diverse group of coloured carrots in the background of the shot.

Agriculture Fast-Facts

  • 29% of the region’s 24,000km2 is dedicated to agriculture
  • 13% of farms contribute 54% of the sector’s value
  • 1,383 farms
  • 56% of WA wine exports are from the South West
  • 86% of all WA dairy is in the South West

Excellent infrastructure, 1GB fibre, renewable energy potential and transport links.

South West Infrastructure