South West's Timber and Forestry Industry

Timber is the ultimate renewable resource in a world acknowledging the need to capture carbon.

The forestry and timber industry grows and harvests trees in a cycle that provides sustainable building materials in a sector that is identified as a regional growth driver.

The South West’s climate supports forestry which covers a range of operations from seedling nurseries and plantations to harvest, manufacturing and transport.

A timber storage yard displaying large amounts of timber products neatly stacked and organised into different rows and columns.

Timber and Forestry Fast-Facts

  • Wespine has an annual production capacity up to 500,000m3
  • Laminex is one of the largest producers of particle board in Australia with more than 300,000m3pa
  • WAPRES exports about 1mtpa of woodfibre to Japan and South East Asia
  • More than half of WA’s structural timber for housing construction is sourced from Wespine
  • The WA Government has committed to expand the softwood plantation estate by more than 30,000ha within a decade

Excellent infrastructure, 1GB fibre, renewable energy potential and transport links.

South West Infrastructure