The South West's Construction Industry

With 8,780 jobs representing more than one in 10 of the South West’s total employment, it is the Construction industry sector that is the region's largest employer.

Featuring strength across, residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction. Bunbury-based Perkins Builders is one of the State’s leading construction companies.

Image taken from a construction site with two men working next to key structural equipment that would be used to support poured concrete whilst it sets around structural steel.

Construction Fast-Facts

  • Jobs – 8,780 – 10.9% of all employment
  • Building approvals – (for 2021-22) 1,344 New houses, 75 New other residential approvals


  • Residential building - $576.5m
  • Non-residential - $258m

Excellent infrastructure, 1GB fibre, renewable energy potential and transport links.

South West Infrastructure